I find joy in making top instruments that can meet the demands of nowaday top players’ Building great hand carved archtop guitars requires a higher degree of craftsmanship and creativity than most other style of guitar.  Not surprisingly that only very few luthiers make archtops and even fewer builders make them with the grade of ornamentation and elegance as can be seen on the post war D’Angelico’s, Gibsons and Strombergs.

Therefore I prefer to combine the best of both worlds. In order that you as a player have the ultimate in appearance combined with the technology and performance of the modern top instruments.  All tone woods are individually selected for great acoustic response and striking beauty. I use only air dried, well seasoned wood to insure that your instrument is endowed with maximum tone and stability.  The clear vibrant tone and powerful projection will satisfy you for both concert and studio work. What I sincerely wish is that you will own a guitar that is hard to put aside, because it is inspiring you from moment to moment for an entire lifetime. Have a good time.

Frans Elferink, luthier