Marzio Scholten Signature Model
Wednesday, September 12 2012
Marzio Scholten (Granollers, Spain, June 17th, 1982) is regarded as one of the leading modern jazz guitarists and composers of the Netherlands and beyond. His Marzio Scholten Group is a household name in the Dutch modern jazz scene.Scholten has played internationally on several important stages and festivals with his ‘Marzio Scholten Quartet’ and his 'Marzio Scholten Group' Read More...
Benefiet Concert Oegstgeest
Wednesday, September 12 2012
Read more about it at Jazz Oegstgeest
Summer Collection
Sunday, December 4 2011
Top left Moderne 18", top right Excalibur special 17" blond Mid left to right: 18" Excalibur special , 18" Excalibur with wooden bindings, red sunburst Tomemaster Laying: Tonemaster vintage amber Front laying: Tonemaster thinline
Guitar Lessons
Thursday, December 8 2011
Private guitar lessons from top players like Filippo Castellazzi. Check it out on:
Chrissy (
Sunday, December 4 2011
Chrissy belongs to the new generation singer songwriter and composers. The picture shows Chrissy with an Elferink 16,5" acoustic archtop. She appreciates the sound playability and apperance. She is a really promising artist, So keep an eye on her website! Photography: Nick van Ormondt
Saturday, July 16 2011
The Musicians:

Seamus Blake: Tenor Sax
Abel Boquera: Hammond
Ramon Prats: Drums
Andreu Zaragoza: Guitars and Compositions

Eight stunning compositions from the young Spanish guitar virtuoso Andreu Zaragoza. With his new CD "Quatriometry" Zaragoza shows that jazz is alive and timeless. Check the website from Andreu Zaragoza for free samples or to order the CD online.
Elferink Summer Collection 2011
Friday, July 15 2011
This is the guitar production made in the period September 2010 to March 2011. The upper row shows a 18" Excalibur red sunburst, 17" Excalibur vintage amber and a 16,5" Excalibur tobacco sunburst. The middle row shows a Moderne 17"(left), a Moderne 17", A Jesse van Ruller and a Jesse van Ruller. Front left a natural finish Excalibur 16,5" and a Jesse van Ruller. Al,ost all instruments are made in commission. The 18" red sunburst Excalibur (upper row left ) is for sale. "Click the image for a bigger version"
New book!
Saturday, December 18 2010
The book The illustrated directory of Guitars by Nick Freeth. 700 pages with more than 100 guitar brands. Two pages with an Elferink Excalibur from 1997.
Item: Deluxe bindings
Saturday, December 18 2010
Extra binding details around the heel of the neck and the bottom of the guitar will give your guitar a high end appearance.
Item: Blonde finish
Saturday, December 18 2010
European maple and spruce in combination with non stained lacquer is the secret for a gives a blond look archtop.
The Making of: The Finish
Friday, December 17 2010
The Making of: the neck 2/2
Friday, December 17 2010
The Making of: the neck 1/2
Friday, December 17 2010
The Performer
Friday, December 17 2010
For those people who love the acoustic feel and fluent action of an archtop guitar but prefer a small sized guitar, Frans Elferink introduces his Exclusive Super Compact 15" archtop. Despite it's reduced size this guitar surprisingly delivers a powerful sound. This new model is also available in a thin line version. And if it suits your taste with one or two hum-bucking pickups. If you apply on stage a high volume and want to avoid feedback, a solid wood block integrated in the body is feasible.
The Making of: The rimms
Monday, December 14 2009
The Making of: The top
Monday, December 14 2009
Hand Made Hand Played: The art and craft of contemporary guitars
By Robert Shaw
Friday, March 16 2009
You need look no further for convincing evidence that today truly is the golden age of guitarmaking. In over 400 pages, this grand tribute showcases over 300 guitar and bass masterpieces from contemporary artisans. Each instrument is beautifully photographed, and accompanied by a fascinating description with specifications list. These are today's finest guitars that reflect astonishing craftsmanship, from traditional styles to cutting-edge customs. 416 pages, softcover. Inside the book you will find afew pictures and a description of my 18”Moderne guitar. The cover shows my Moderne model close up.
New Elferink steelstring "Opus Magnus" Monday, February 21 2009
Elferink recently introduced the Opus Magnus series in Osnabrück in Germany. A new range of small body steel string guitars available as cutaway or non cutaway version. Top of the line is the Opus Magnus with Adirondack spruce top and Brazilian Rosewood back and rims. Due to the small body, the 25” (63,5cm) scale and the 12”fingerboard radius the Opus Magnus has suburb playability. The Kasha inspired bracing gives the Opus Magnus a unique full balanced articulate voice well suited to the most demanding professionals.
New Workshop Saturday, January 3 2009
Finally after 13 years of working in my shop at the Akelei 2 I have moved to a new building. The new shop is about 4 times bigger and divided in a showroom and repair centre at the first floor and a workshop on the ground floor. New spraying equipment and router tables make some of the work easier and more precise. A new inspiring environment which makes me builds guitars to the highest level possible.